Welcome to Malicious Creations

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Hi! Welcome to our website!

What We Do
We make real life versions of the Props in Anime/Movies/TV Series and games that we love. Mould
them, and then cast resin versions so you can make your own!

Our History
Honestly we don’t really have much of a history. We started back in 2016 and have been picking up
momentum slowly over the last two years. Our completed Projects have all taken more than 4
months due to only working evenings and weekends. The longest being the Elucidator from Sword
Art Online. Which took 1 year and 5 months on/off to finish.

Goals For The Future
Our Goal is to produce Props and Resin Kits that rivals the best of prop makers.

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We can be contacted via Email at maliciouscreations.mc@gmail.com

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